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Canine Cancer Resources

A diagnosis of cancer in your pet is devastating. However, the earlier it is detected, the better the prognosis for your companion. Researchers are now testing methods to improve early detection of cancers such as hemagiosarcoma and osteosarcoma.  While a comprehensive cancer screening program is still  far off in the future, it makes sense to learn the early warning signs of cancer, especially if your dog's breed is predisposed to one of these deadly canine cancers.

Over the last three years, there has been an explosion of cancer treatment testing on dogs.  As dogs are larger than mice and closer to our body mass and their cancers are very similar to human's, canine cancer research on naturally occurring cancers benefits both species. Check out our listing of ongoing trials and their criteria below. Your pet may be eligible for one of the trials. 

New advances in early detection and Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment protocols are extending dogs' lives, while offering better quality of life during and after treatment. Often these treatment protocols are less expensive than traditional Western medicine approaches.

lethargy and depression are early warning signs of canine cancer

15 Early Warning Signs of Dog Cancer

Early detection is the key to a good prognosis in treatment of canine cancers. Learn the early warning signs here.

Medicines that can be purchased over the counter: Yunnan Baiyao to stop internal hemorrhaging, Turkey Tail Mushroom to halt tumor growth and a special Canine Cancer Diet.

canine cancer treatments for hemangiosarcoma

New Treatment Prolongs Lives for Dogs With Hemangiosarcoma

Studies show new, inexpensive treatment prolongs lives with no negative side effects. Learn how you can treat your own dog at home and potentially extend his life and improve its quality.

Hemangiosarcoma research studies

Hemangiosarcoma: Early Detection Methods and Treatments in 4 New Studies

Advances are making it possible to detect cancer early in breeds predisposed to hemangiosarcoma.

Shine the dog the cancer research project was named for

Learn How Your Dog Can Join the Shine-On Research Project 
(Experimental Medicine is included for Study Participants)

Early Detection Research Project to Target Hemangiosarcoma Cells in Dogs (Shine On) was conceived to reduce the mortality and the suffering caused by canine hemangiosarcoma. 

The goal of this project is to develop effective methods for early detection and for prevention of canine hemangiosarcoma. We will use a blood test to look for the cells responsible for establishing and maintaining the disease, and then use an experimental drug treatment that attacks those same cells in order to prevent development of the tumor.

New Canine Cancer Cure, Hylaplat

New Canine Cancer Chemotherapy Treatment Is Proving Effective on a Wide Variety of Metastic Dog Cancers. Find out if your dog is eligible to participate in the trial.

Osteosarcoma is a skeletal cancer beginning near growth plates.

Osteosarcoma in Dogs: Diagnosis, Treatment and Outcomes

As the most common type of bone cancer in dogs, osteosarcoma accounts for 85% of tumors that originate in the skeletal system.

correlation between early neutering and canine cancer

The Shocking Risks of Early Neutering 

Research sheds light on correlations between early neutering and certain forms of cancer in male dogs.

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