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4 Best Portable Outdoor Dog Runs and Playpens Reviewed

A fenced yard or dog run makes life with our canine companions much easier, especially when we are running short on time to get to work, and a pet potty is due.  Dogs enjoy spending time outdoors sniffing the air and taking up the neighborhood news, even when we can't be there to enjoy it with them.  And just like people, dogs need sunshine daily to help metabolize certain nutrients as well as maintain proper nose and ear pigment.

Fencing in a back yard can be an expensive proposition often obstructing beautiful views. Portable dog runs allow dog owners to let their dogs outdoors to romp in safe confinement, or to let them roam around in a confined area of the house.

With these solutions you can create a stable 100 square foot run and configure it in a variety of layouts for less than $200.00. Considering a traditional dog kennel of similar size will cost $900 or more, these enclosures have been gaining in popularity.
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The Most Affordable Heavy Duty Pet Playpen's Advantages:

  • Easy tool free setup
  • Lightweight steel can easily be assembled and disassembled for backyard parties and get-togethers.
  • Panels can be removed or added according to changing requirements.
  • Connecting pins can be pressed into soft earth to add stability.
  • Can be configure in round, oval, square or "L" shape to accommodate backyard limitations
  • 8 - 32" wide panels come in 3 heights: 24" 32" and 40"
  • Can be both used indoors and outdoors
  • Folds down to 6 inch depth for storage
  • Less obtrusive and more portable then a traditional dog kennel.
These playpens can be used as an enclosure or to create fencing to protect air conditioning units and other areas of the garden that may be sensitive to dog urine, chewing and digging.

Portable Pet Play Pen Uses:

  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor play pens or dog runs.
  • Confine puppies or senior dogs with incontinence issues while you are away.
  • Separation of new pet additions while they get to know each other.

Heavy Duty Playpen Disadvantages:

  • The Black coating is not as thick for outdoor use as the Granite/Hammertone Finish, so purchase the Granite finish if you want to use these outdoors.
  • Individual panels are not available for purchase. To add on you will need to purchase a second complete unit.
  • A very athletic dog can jump out of even the 40" height kennel.
  • Dogs weighing over 100 pounds may be able to tip over a large pen. You will want to be sure the pins are securely press in the soil, and watch your dog's behavior in it prior to leaving him unattended.
  • Most appropriate for carpet and man made surfaces when used indoors. These can scratch hardwood floors, however rubber feet with adhesive backing can easily be added to create a nonslip surface.

The Advantek Pet Pavilion: A More Decorative Outdoor Play Pen Solution

Advantek makes two sizes of Gazebo styled pet play pens.  The Pavilion pictured above is a 5x5' oxtogon play pen. The cover is weather proof and reversible.  While larger dogs will not get much exercise in this style run, smaller dogs will be able to get quite a workout.

  • Appropriate for all size dogs, cats, rabbits and ferrets
  • Quick and easy tool Free Assembly
  • Makes a great "Potty Park" for dogs that hate rain.
  • Comes in two sizes: the Pavilion at 5x5' and the Gazebo at 4x4'


  • Large Dogs will not be able to get a good run in the Pavilion

Go With The Pro Solution: Lucky Dog Dog Run Kennel

Professional stye kennel run for dogs, cats, rabbit and ferrets

The Lucky Dog Dog Run is built like to dog runs used in professional kennels, without the hefty price tag.  Professional kennel runs typically start at $600.00 with covers offered at additional expense. This model comes complete with the cover and a single access door. Dogs of all sizes will be able to get some exercise in this dog pen.
  • Professional Kennel Dimensions: 6' h x 8' l x 4'w
  • Cover and cover frame are included
  • Tool Free Assembly
  • 10 Gauge Welded Steel Construction
  • Very secure run that dog cannot jump out of.
  • Like all metal materials, this and the other pens listed are likely to rust with time. Shipping cracks the paint on the welded joints, so keep a can of Rustoleum handy for quick touch-ups to prevent rust from spreading.

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