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80 Original Female Irish Setter Names

The Irish Setter is a breed of gundog that is also a well loved family dog. The AKC recognizes the heavier set, show-bred dog as the Irish Setter, while the Field Dog Stud Book recognizes the lighter, more agile dog under the name Red Setter.  These happy-go-lucky dogs are highly intelligent and high in drive. Affectionate with family, they also greet strangers enthusiastically; with that in mind, they do not make good guard dogs.

These unique names for female Irish Setters exalt their Irish gundog heritage, rolicking personalities and radiant, red coats.
Irish Setter Bird Dog Names
Irish Setter On Point while pheasant hunting.                                By Henktenklooster

Irish Female Names For Puppies

Aideen - Means Fire, a great name for a fiery redhead.

Bevin - Fair Lady; originally used to describe Norse women.

Bree - Higher power.

Bridie - Derived from Bridget, it means the high one or strength.

Colleen - Little girl.

Darcy - Means dark or descended from the dark haired one.

Deirdre - Pronounced Deer-Dreh; She was the most beautiful woman of Irish legend.

Enya - Means little fire; another great name for your fiery red head. Also a famous Irish singer / songwriter of ethereal music.

Fallon - The daughter of the leader.

Flannery – Brave.

Hannah - Means Splendor, radiance and beauty.

Keagan - Related to Reagan, it means regal.

Keavy - Pretty and gentle.

Keelan - Possessing dark brown hair and eyes.

Killian - Little Kelly and a tasty red Irish beer, this makes a great name for a chocolate border collie.

Kira -  Little dark girl.

Meryl - Bright as the sea.

Mona - Noble little one.

Muriel - Related to the name Meryl, it means: bright as the sea.

Myrna - High spirited and festive, just like the rollicking Irish Setter!

Neve – Dazzling.


Nora – Honor.

Pixie - A small, mischievous supernatural being.

Regan or Reagan - Regal or Little Ruler!

Rian – Little Ruler.


Sinead - The Irish form or Jeannette, it means One who has been blessed by God.

Sloane – Raider or warrior.

Sprite - An elf or fairy.

Female Names for Red Dogs
By Egooktamuck

Names for Female Dogs with Red Coats

Today, the Irish Setter is distinguished for is lustrous, deep red coat in either auburn or chestnut shades. Originally bred from a mix of the Gordon Setter, English Setter, Irish Water Spaniel and Irish Terrier, the early coat of the Irish Setter was red and white. By the late 1800's the deep red color began to be preferred by breeders and dog show judges, and the Irish Setter's coat became predominantly red. The current AKC breed standard allows for some hints of white on the toes and  the chest of the dog, however any black hairs in the coat are to be faulted according to degree. 

Also known as the Irish Red Setter, these Irish Setter names celebrate the warm red coat of the breed. Many of these names evoke images of deep red clay such as is found in Georgia and Sedona, or rich, exotic spices such as those of Morocco.





Red Names for Irish Setters
By Adam Ziaja 

Playful Names for Irish Setter Females That Celebrate the Rollicking Temperament of The Breed

This high energy breed is fun loving and playful to excess.  Active and intelligent they need attention, regular exercise and the opportunity for long romps through large fields. They do not do well left unattended for long periods of time, and can develop mischievous habits or worse, separation anxiety, if left too long without human company.

Jinks (High Jinks)
Monkee (Monkey Shines)
Whim or Whimsy

Two female Irish Setters at the beach
By RX-Guru

Names for Female Gundogs and Bird Dogs

Bali - A variety of duck.

Birdie - The level of interest or excitement a dog has for fowl.

Drift - To glide quietly on a current in the water.

Flare - When a flock of birds abruptly changes direction.

Flash - Stylishness when working or pointing.

Ripple - A disturbance in the water surface.

Rouen - Brown duck with a claret red breast. 

Splash - For the water loving dog.


Bonus Name: Shannon 

Shannon was the name of both Henry Gross and Carl Wilson, of the Beach Boys, Irish Setters.   One afternoon, Henry Gross visited Carl Wilson in Beverly Hills, when the subject of Gross' pet dog named Shannon came up. Wilson was visibly moved, stating that he had owned an Irish Setter named Shannon who had recently been hit by a car.  Some months later, back in New York City, sitting on the bed with his acoustic guitar and Shannon, Gross channeled the Beach Boys-esque song, Shannon. The song went to number 2 on the US Charts.

Henry Gross's Hit, Shannon 

All images Courtesy of  [CC BY-SA 3.0 ( or GFDL (], via Wikimedia Commons

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