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13 Most Hilarious Dog Halloween Costumes Ever!

Halloween costume head piece for dogs
These ten hilarious Halloween costumes for dogs will make even the most hardened criminals roll on the floor with laughter. Delight your trick-or-treaters with these hysterical dog costumes.

All of them are affordable, although some are better suited to particular body or head shapes.

The Triceratops Dog Costume

Animal planet makes several of the more adorable dog costumes available this year.  The triceratops head piece comes in four sizes. However, even the smallest size is still rather large. In fact the size small is large enough for an adult female human to wear as a costume. Made from lightweight printed foam, this is a costume best worn by dogs with blocky heads, such as the bulldogs or rottweilers. This little cutie costs under $7.00

Zack and Zoey's Grr-antula Costume

Spider Halloween Costume for Dogs
Fans of The Lord of The Rings will recognize this giant spider!  Fitted with Velcro straps, it should fit fairly snugly.  However, the wire in the legs of this costume is not very strong, and the legs tend to droop on the floor when the dog is walking around.  Still this costume gets plenty of compliments.  The Grr-antula comes in 4 sizes Small - X-Large, and runs $20.00 with shipping.

Despicable Me 2 Pet Costume

Minions are all the rage this year!

This cute little costume tends to run a little small, so pugs are wearing size large!  This is a costume that was not made to last beyond one or two wearings.  Still is is quite adorable, and probably won't be such a hit a year from now. Having said that, go ahead and splurge on this $12.00 outfit for your dog this Halloween. All of the neighborhood kids will love it!

See the sizing chart below for your pup's correctly sized costume.

Dog costume sizing chart for Minions costume
Rubie's sizing chart runs true to size.

Zacy and Zoeys Jockey Harness 

Halloween costume for dogs with harness and jockey

Zack and Zoey hit another home-run with the jockey costume which comes in two styles and 4 sizes.  The costume includes a D ring to attach a leach two, so it doubles as a harness.The neck and belly straps are adjustable with buckle closures for a secure fit.

X-Large Fits Chests 30-38 Inches & Necks 18-26 Inches
Large Fits Chests 24-32 Inches & Necks 14-20 Inches
Medium Fits Chests 18-26 Inches and Neck 10-16 Inches
Small Fits Chests 12-16 Inches & Neck 8-12 Inches

The Woolly Mammoth
woolly mammoth dog costume in small and extra small

Highest in customer satisfaction, Animal Planet's Woolly Mammoth costume is a very well built outfit. The plush material holds its shape, however the legs tend to be a little on the short side. A large fits a 62 pound bulldog well.  Dog with longer legs relative to their body girth will have their feet sticking out of the bottom, but that may just add to the hilarious effect.

The Lions Mane

Halloween costume Lion's Mane head piece
Buy It Now

Turn your golden retriever, mastiff or yellow lab into the pet lion you have always secretly wanted, ever since you saw Born Free!  Several companies manufacture a lions mane costume; we like the one made by Urparcel best.  It is appropriately priced at $9.00 with free shipping. 

This plush wig hat comes in 3 sizes and is held on by an adjustable elastic chin strap.

The Raptor Dog Costume

animal planet dog costume for Halloween

Also made by Animal Planet the Raptor costume is suitable for all shapes and sizes.  Both the headpiece and body are made from the same lightweight foam as the Triceratops head piece. The headpiece is separate with a chin strap to hold it on.  These tend to run a little on the large side so here is a sizing chart to guide you.

LARGE fits up to: 20" length, 24-28" chest, 16-20" neck. Breeds: Boxer, Labrador Retriever,Golden Retriever
MEDIUM fits up to: 16" length, 20-24" chest, 14-16" neck. Breeds: Beagle, Dachshund, Lhasa-Apso, Pug
SMALL fits up to: 12" length, 16-20" chest, 12-14" neck. Breeds: Norfolk Terrier, Pomeranian, Toy Poodle
X-SMALL fits up to: 8" length, 12-16" chest, 10-12" neck. Breeds: Maltese, Miniature Pincher, Papillion

Animal Planet Peacock Dog Costume

Nice and stretchy, go a size down if you are on the edge between sizes, to prevent the tail from drooping to one side.

Sizes Length Chest Neck
X-Small Fits up to 8" 12-16" 10-12"
Small Fits up to 12" 16-20" 12-14"
Medium Fits up to 16" 20-24" 14-16"
Large Fits up to 20" 24-28" 16-20"

Star Wars Ewok Costume

Best selling dog Halloween costume
Ewok Costume - Buy It Now

This is the best selling Halloween costume for dogs, and with good reason.  It is simply the cutest dog costume for small fluffy dogs. 

Rubies has a full line of officially licensed Star Wars dog costumes and all of them are adorable.  Unfortunately many of them don't run true to their sizing.  The Ewok costume tends to run larger than their sizing suggests.

The Hammerhead Shark Dog Costume by Animal Planet
Animal Planet shark costume for dogs with broad skulls

Your dog can enjoy wearing this costume for both Halloween and Shark Week! The headpiece on this costume tends to weigh heavily on the ears, so dogs with prick ears may find it uncomfortable.  This is another costume that best fits dogs with block skulls. Sizing is the same as the Raptor dog costume above. Both costumes run around $20.00 with shipping. 

The Star Wars Bantha Costume

While the Ewok costume tends to run large, this one tends to run quite small.  That's a sheltie pictured here not a collie, therefore we recommend this costume to dog owners with dog under 25 pounds.

Pup-A-Razzi's White Starlet Dress

Female dog Halloween costume
This wins the prize for most hideous dog costume!

Pup-A-Razi's white starlet dress is not a particularly well made costume, but it wins the prize for the most ridiculously hideous dog outfit! 

Bonus Costumes! The Holy Hound

Pope costume for dogs

We stumbled across this outfit, and thought it was too funny to miss this list. The Holy Hound by California Costumes can be worn year round, and will surely exorcise any 
unwanted spirits in your home.  

What a Puggly black sheep that it is. You can make something like this costume yourself, often out of the sleeve of an old sweater.

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