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5 Best Luxury Dog Houses For Outdoors in 2019 Review

Dog houses have long graced the backyards of homes, as well as various institutions requiring the outdoor kenneling of dogs that are employed in protection of property. 

Whether you are seeking protection from arctic blasts or the sun's rays on hot sunny days, we have the best of breed shelters for your canine companion, complete with the pros and cons of each solution. 

Fanciful Dog House at Ightham Mote
Image Courtesy of Oast House Archive

Tips For Purchasing the Right Dog House for Your Dog

  • For a weatherproof dog house, choose one with a roof that overhangs the entrance to prevent rain from pouring in.
  • Vinyl flaps can be installed on most dog houses for added protection and warmth in the winter, however they restrict the flow of air during warm months.  
  • To prevent flooding of the interior, select a dog house that has feet to raise it off of the ground or plan to put a pallet underneath it.
  • Plastic dog houses are easier to keep sanitary, however they are much lighter weight and should be anchored to prevent them from flying away during high wind storms.
  • Select a dog house that is slightly larger (4 inches each way) than the room that is necessary for him to stand up and turn around.  Dogs like a cozy den area, however if the space is too small or too vast, he is unlikely to use the dog house.
If you are constructing one of the large dog houses, build it outdoors, as it probably will not fit through your doorways once it is put together.

Adding cedar chips to the bottom of your dog house will discourage pest and insects from entering the house.

Highest in Customer Satisfaction | Petmate Indigo Dog House with Microban

Dogloo Plastic Insulated Dog House

The Petmate Indigo dog house or Dogloo is designed on the principles of the Inuit igloos of the North.  The front door is offset to keep warm air in during winter months and cool air in on warm days.  The roof contains a vent that allows air to circulate and keep it from becoming stale in the igloo living area.

The Dogloo is in use by many outdoor professional boarding kennels because of its durability and exceptional insulation qualities. We rate this as a close second place to the ASL dog palace for "Best Dog House for Cold Weather."

  • Made with Microban, which discourages the growth of odor causing germs, bacteria, mold and mildew.
  • Offset doorway offers protection from wind and rain.
  • Built-in structural foam adds to the insulating benefits of the design.
  • Tool Free Installation
  • Easy to open an clean when required.
  • Most durable outdoor dog house on the market.
  • Heavyweight (30 pounds for the large size) does not require anchoring the dog house.
  • Entrance is raised several inches above ground to minimize flooding.
  • Door flap and self heating pad are available options.
  • Not as decorative as other dog houses on the market.
  • Sizing runs small: Large accommodates up to 70 pound dogs. (They say 70-90 pounds).
  • One of the more expensive dog houses, but also one of the best values.
  • If you have a stout dog, be sure to check the dimensions of the doorway to be sure your dog can fit into it.
  • If you purchase the wrong size online, it will cost you a fortune to return it.  Shipping on the large can run as much as $100.00.
  • Latches frequently arrive broken, so be sure to purchase from a seller with a solid return policy and good customer service reviews.
Rain and snow can get into this dog house.  You can add their custom flap add-ons to the door way, or as a less expensive option, you can drape a large rubber/carpeted garage mat over the igloo entrance to extend a makeshift "porch" covering to the entrance.
Petmate Indigo Dog House with Microban, Medium, Taupe Top, Black Bottom

The Best Selling Dog House | Suncast 

Suncast Plastic Dog House DH350
accommodates to a 100 pounds of dog.
Suncast makes two models of their dog house, which are essentially the same house with minor cosmetic differences between them. Together they are the most popular dog house on the market.

These dog houses snap together easily, but will also snap apart easily with any amount of rough-housing.  

These houses are made from thin plastic sheets that acquire rigidity through their attachment to the other pieces. As the parts are snapped together, they gain their strength from their adjoining pieces. If a dog stands on one of these dog house roofs, it is likely to collapse.

The Suncast DH250 is the medium size model
accommodating up to 70 pounds of dog.
The flaps to keep rain out are located on the inside of the doorway.  Therefore when rain hits them, they guide the water into the dog house.

  • Tool-free assembly, snaps together easily in minutes.
  • Includes door flaps that are easily removed and added back to the unit.
  • Includes letters you can add on to the front to personalize with your dog's name.
  • Sturdy enough for a laid back dog or a senior dog.
  • Inexpensive relative to other houses on the market.

  • Does not provide much insulation; you will need to add a self heating pad for cold winter days.
  • Not raised off the ground.
  • The thin floor easily allows water in, and has a snap together seam to it.  You will want to attach this to a raised board or pallet to prevent flooding or liftoff in a storm.
See More on the Suncast DH250 Dog House

Best Dog House for Cold Weather Conditions | ASL Dog Palace

ASL Dog Palace - Plastic windows are
removable for ventilation

The ASL Insulated Dog Palace is insulated with up to 4 inches of foam/EPS insulation. Meaning that the temperature inside when dogs are in it can be as much as 30 degrees warmer than the outside temperature. Expect this dog house to keep dogs warm in temperatures as low as 25 degrees.

The clever trap door design, keeps out wind and water, and the windows can be removed for improved air flow during the warmer months.

At 50 pounds you can expect this house to stay put in most foul weather conditions. Should any water make it into the dog house, the floor is sloped to a drain hole to whisk away any liquids. 

The durable plastic is resistant to sun rot.

  • Easy Tool-free assembly.
  • Sloped floor and drain hole to remove any liquid that seeps in or runs off of your dog.
  • Insulation inside of the plastic walls makes it the best dog house for cold weather
  • Raised floor prevents flooding.
  • Durable, expect it to last 4 years or more with normal usage.
  • Attractive barn design
  • Comes in two colors: tan and gray

  • Dogs may be wary of the self closing doors. You may need to tape open the door until your dog becomes comfortable with the dog house, and then train him to use the door.

Best Built Wooden Dog House | Trixie Pet Products Rustic Dog House

While many of the wooden dog houses are made from inferior wood that splinters as you screw it together, the Trixie Rustic Dog House is made from  tongue and groove wooden boards. This construction makes it resistant to drafts and rain.  

The ample overhang in front of the doorway keeps rain out, and gives dogs a shady place to sit and look out on the world on warm days. A plastic dog door is available separately for improving insulation on winter days.

Easy to clean with removable floor and
locking arm to keep the dog house roof open.
  • Raised floor with adjustable feet for leveling.
  • Roof lifts up with locking arm for cleaning and maintenance.
  • Solid wooden construction keeps out drafts and the elements.
  • Porch offers a shape resting spot for dogs.
  • The floor is removable for easy cleaning.
  • Durable shingle roof.
  • You will need to invest a half day assembling this product.
  • Put it together where you want it as it weighs 100 pounds.
  • Dragging it around the yard can cause the dog house to weaken or fall apart.
TRIXIE Pet Products Rustic Dog House, Large

Petsfit Outdoor Wood Dog House 

Easiest Cedar House to Construct

Outdoor wooden dog house with flap included
The Petfit Wood Dog House Comes in 3 sizes
Somewhat lighter and easier to construct than the Trixie Rustic Dog House, The Petsfit model features a heavy, heavy-duty roof, cedar siding and flooring as well as a plastic flap for added protection.

The manufacturer provides adequate instructions and heavy duty hardware to get this shelter put together in 30 minutes.  Additionally, the feet are adjustable to help stabilize the house on uneven terrain.


Heavy duty construction
Asphalt shingle roof
Cedar tongue and groove planking on the walls, cedar flooring
Easy assembly and good customer support should it arrive with damaged pieces
Attractive yard ornament


The largest size currently on the market is rather small. Interior dimensions 29.5"x33.9"x35"

Other Petsfit Options

If you have a large breed consider the more basic looking but roomier model which also offers an option to add an insulation kit which attaches with adjustable straps. INNER SIZE: 41.3"Lx25.8"Wx30"H with REINFORCED floor.

heavy duty insulation wood dog house
The optional insulation kit drops in and is held in place by adjustable straps and the weight of the roof. 

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