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Find the perfect name for your blond bombshell! These name inspirations celebrate the gentle, sunny dispositions of yellow Labrador Retriever Females as gun dogs and loving companions.

 Female Gundog Names for Yellow Labs

Annie – Annie Oakley, famous sharpshooter. 

Belle – Belle Starr, infamous American outlaw associated with the James/Younger Gang.

Jane – Calamity Jane, a professional scout and marksman who fought alongside the Native American Indians.

Katie – Mother of the Sons of Katie Elder.

Kimber – Producer of handguns and topnotch rifles.

Rossi – Producer of shotguns.

Sako – Maker of big game hunting rifles.

Tikka – Maker of bolt action rifles.

Female Lab Names From Downton Abbey

Daisy - Daisy may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but she is certainly dedicated and fiercely loyal. As a flower, the daisy represents innocence, purity and childhood.

Isis – Downton Abbey’s lovely yellow Lab, Isis, featured prominently as the focal point of two episodes of the series. Isis is an Egyptian goddess of health, marriage and wisdom and patroness of nature and magic.

Marigold – An amber shade of yellow as well as a family of hardy, bright yellow and orange flowers, Marigold is also the name of Edith’s putative ward. All that meet Marigold are enchanted by her irresistible charm. Name your Labrador Retriever Marigold, if you want everyone to covet and adore her.

Rose - The gift of a yellow rose conveys warmth, friendship and happiness.

Tiaa - Robert Crawley's gift from the Dowager Countess upon her departure, Tiaa was the wife of Pharaoh Amenhotep II and mother of Thutmose IV.

Names for Yellow Lab Girls Inspired by Famous Beaches and Islands

Beaches and tropical islands make the ideal naming inspirations for the sunny dispositions of yellow Labrador Retrievers with their sandy colored coats. Choose one of these exotic locations or, if you have a favorite beach of your own, use something nostalgic from that location to name your Lab.

Coco – Coco Beach in Costa Rica means fun in the sun for local youth and tourists alike. Its white gray sands have made it a tourist destination in spite of the fact that it is nothing more than a small fishing village.

Juno – The Atlantic coast beach of Florida, named after the Roman goddess Juno. Juno is the goddess of pregnancy, childbirth and marriage, and as the wife of Jupiter, is the Queen of the Gods. She is also the patron of finances of the Roman people and protector of the mint. Name your Lab Juno if you want secure finances and a fecund family life.

Martha – Laid back Martha’s Vineyard is also the namesake of Paul McCartney’s old English sheepdog, Martha. Martha My Dear makes an ideal name for a chilled-out Lab.

Maui - The jewel in the Hawaiian islands, Maui with its flagship Waikiki Beach,
is the apex of  beach side luxury.

maui island beach
'Lahaina Beach on West Maui

Miami – With its pure white beaches, Miami has become a sophisticated center of fashion, entertainment and commerce.  Nicknamed the Capitol of Latin America and the Magic City, this Art Deco masterpiece attracts tourists from around the globe. Name your girl Miami if you want a cosmopolitan beauty.

Myrtle – South Carolina’s most popular beach, Myrtle is the name of the shrub first sacrificed to Venus and is a symbol of love.

Rosemary – Located in the Florida Panhandle, Rosemary Beach is distinctive for the contrast of its dark mahogany beach houses against pure white sands. As an herb, rosemary is often worn by brides in a wreath to represent love, fidelity and abiding friendship.

Sandy - The color of a yellow Lab's coat.

Sarasota - Sarasota, Florida was a mecca for Socialites to winter over prior to World War I. John Ringling and his wife soon made Sarasota home, building a museum to house their personal collection of Old Dutch mater Paintings. Eventually Sarasota became Ringling Brothers Circus' winter headquarters, thus making Sarasota The Circus Town.  Name your female lab Srasota if you love the circus that is high society.

Sunny - The happy go lucky disposition of every Labrador retriever.

Tybee - An island off the coast of Savannah, Georgia, Tybee represents a life of gentle warm winds and absolute relaxation.

Names for Labrador Retriever Females Inspired by Deserts and Lavish Desert Cities

Deserts cover ten percent of the Earth's land mass.  While they may appear daunting and lifeless, the secret world of the desert holds more life forms than any other climatic region other than the tropical rain forest. The golden tones of these famous deserts and desert cities lend themselves to unique naming ideas for yellow female Labs.

Cairo – The capitol of Egypt and cradle of civilization.

Dubai – Located in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is a towering futuristic desert oasis. Name your Lab girl Dubia, if you want a forward-thinking modern girl.

Gobi -  Massive Chinese desert and the largest desert region in Asia.

Mojave - United States Desert that covers California, New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona and parts of Utah.

Phoenix – The mythical phoenix is a glorious bird that bursts into flame and then rises from its own ashes renewed.  Name your Lab Phoenix if you want a resilient girl with more lives than a cat.

Reno -  A trend setter, Reno was a popular divorce city during the 1930's and at the forefront of the creation of the modern day hotel/casino destination city.

Sahara – The vast Sahara desert covers over nine million miles, amounting to ten percent of the African continent.

Sirocco – Desert wind from the Sarah that reaches near hurricane force winds.

Taos – Taos, New Mexico is located in the high desert with a well-known artist community and traditional pueblos.

Tucson – Tucson is Arizona’s second largest desert city after Phoenix.  In the nearby desert one can find rare minerals and fossils, encouraging the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show to grow to be the largest and most prestigious show of its kind in the world.

Vegas - For all that glitters, a replica of it exists in Las Vegas.  Remember, what happens in Vegas, stays in vegas. Name your Lab Vegas if you are seeking a discreet and fun loving companion.

Yellow Flower Inspired Names for Female Labrador Retrievers

Buttercup - Glossy yellow flowers in the shape of a cup, also the name of one of the tree Powerpuff Girls.

Daffodil – Bright, yellow daffodils herald the arrival of spring and symbolize new beginnings.  Long lived and resistant to heat and cold, daffodils thrive with little to no care. Name your girl lab Daffodil if you are seeking a gregarious girl with enduring loyalty.  You can call her Daffy for short.

Jonquil – Another flower of the daffodil family, the jonquil produces small fragrant flowers and is native to the Mediterranean. The gift of airy, bright jonquils is intended to bring peace and demonstrate sympathy for an overwhelmed friend.

Lily – Yellow lilies represent beauty, innocence and purity.  Name your female Lab Lily if you are seeking a canine companion with a faithful companion with and honest heart.

Poppy – Poppies symbolize peace, sleep and are frequently associated with remembrance of fallen soldiers. Name your girl Poppy if you are morning a lost loved one.

Saffron -  A shade of yellow and the most expensive spice, per ounce.  Saffron is said to have medicinal properties and was treasured by ancients throughout the Mediterranean. Name your girl Saffron and she will be worth her weight in gold. 

Tulip - The gift of a yellow tulip means cheerful thoughts and sunshine.

Tasty Names for Female Yellow Labrador Retrievers

Brie -  The national cheese of France, Brie is also the feminine form for Brian.  Brianne and Brian mean one who is exalted, virtuous and honorable.

Butterscotch – Made from brown sugar and butter, butterscotch sauce and candy is a luminous amber delight.  Name your girl Butterscotch and you can call her Butters for short.

Curry - A healthful spice and a tone of yellow.

Mango - A juicy yellow stone fruit as well as a couture fashion line.

Mazy – Maize (golden corn) was the staff of life for the early Native Americans as well as the Pilgrims, freshly arriving from England. Name your girl Mazy for a devoted defender and ally.

Nilla – Vanilla Wafers

Peaches -  Another juicy yellow stone fruit, peaches represent longevity, Name your girl Peaches to bestow a long healthy life.

Taffy -  Taffy as a girl's names is Welch in origin meaning "loved one."

Bonus Name - Buffy!

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