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99 Meaningful Names for Male Yellow Labs

About Labrador Retrievers

Labs of all colors originate from Newfoundland, where they assisted fishermen by retrieving errant fish that had fallen free of the nets, as well as by helping to haul nets from the icy waters.  In the 1800's the first Labs were brought to England via Labrador, thus the confusion in the breed's name and place of origin.

Once in England, the breed was crossed with a variety of setters, spaniels and retrievers to improve upon the dogs' natural retrieving instinct.  The modern Labrador Retriever is an affectionate, good tempered dog that is excellent with children, making them the favorite dog breed in the Untied States, United Kingdom, Denmark, Australia and Canada.

Labs also possess a keen sense of smell. As one of the ten breeds with the best sense of smell, they are used for search and rescue, bomb and narcotics detection and now in medical diagnosis.  Their gentle temperaments make them ideal therapy dogs and seeing eye-dogs for the blind as well as family members.

Duck Dynasty Names for Labrador Retrievers

Names for yellow labs can come from extraordinary  families, like the Hatfields and McCoys. The Robertson family built a successful duck hunting business in West Monroe Louisiana. Their Duck Commander duck calls and signature long beards, launched their dynasty into a reality TV series that has broken several viewership records on cable television. 

If you take your Lab duck hunting, your likely to bring along one of their duck calls. Choose your favorite character for your lab's new name.

  • Cole
  • Jase
  • Jep
  • Phil
  • Reed
  • Si
  • Willy

Delicious Yellow and Gold Names for Male Yellow Labs

Names for male yellow labs can come in tasty packages.  These dog call names come to us from famous elixirs, cookies and other crunchy nuggets.

Bailey - Baileys Irish Cream is just the color of a yellow lab.

Barley - Grain component of beer.

Biscuit - Think Sea Biscuit.

Broadway - A Stylish yellow cocktail made with New Amsterdam Gin, Triple Sec, yellow tomato and basil.

Bordeaux - Pale cookie and white wine from the Bordeaux region of France.

Bud - Budweiser beer. 

Bush -  Beer.

Butters - South Park character.

Carmel - California beach and mount.

Chess - Chess pie or chessman cookies.

Chester - Chester Cheetos.

Collin - Tom Collins and vodka Collins both combine alcohol with sour mix to create a refreshing pale yellow cocktail.

Corona - Mexican beer.

Cracker Jack - Popcorn with peanuts and caramel coating.

Cuervo - Cuervo Gold puts the Texas in a Texas Margarita.

Flapjack - Pancake.

Frito - Corn chip.

Galliano - A Pale yellow herbal liqueur produced in Tuscany.

Graham - Graham cracker.

Hops - Ale component.

Latte - Coffee drink with steamed milk.

Lido - Blonde cookie with swirls and chocolate.

Mac - Mac 'n Cheese.

Mojito - Vodka, lime, mint, soda and simple syrup combine to make this golden elixir.

Monterey - California beach and home of the musical festival.

Nugget - Caramel candy.

Orleans - Blonde cookie and 70s band.

Orville - Popcorn maker Orville Redenbacher. 

Patron - Top shelf tequila.

Pilsner - Type of golden beer.

Pisco - Pisco sour cocktail.

Schlitz - Beer.

Skippy - Peanut butter brand.

Snitch - The golden snitch from Harry Potter.

Tahoe - Golden cookie.

Tate - Potato or Tatter.

Tecate - Mexican beer.

Ventura - Beach and highway made famous by the band America.

Beach Inspired Male Yellow Lab Names

Yellow Labradors, with their sunny dispositions and sandy colored coats can find befitting names from some of these famous and luxurious beach resorts.

Cruz - Santa Cruz is a destination for skateboarding lighthouses and surfing.

Daytona - Daytona Beach is the home of the Daytona 500 and a national Spring Break Mecca. Name your Lab Daytona, and the ladies will flock to pet him.

Delray - Florida Beach.

Destin - Located in the Florida Panhandle, Destin, with its white beaches, is the star of the Redneck Riviera.

Dune - Sci-fi novel and film staring Sting, or a hill on the beach or desert sands.

Hilton - Hilton Head Beach is a very dog friendly beach of the coast of South Carolina.

Holmes - Florida Beach and your best buddy.

Jax - Jacksonville Beaches.

Jupiter - King of the Olympic gods and East Coast Florida beach.

Largo - Florida Key and name of Bogart and Bacall movie Key Largo.

Malibu - California's most famous surfing destination, twenty-one miles of prime beach real estate.

Panama - Florida beach, South American nation and Panama Jack sun tan oil.

Pierce - Ft. Pierce Beach and Pierce Brosnan, James Bond actor.

Pismo - One of California's best beaches.

Zuma - Zuma beach, located in Malibu, is the apex of surfing destinations in California.

Hunting and Waterfowling Inspired Names for Male Labrador Retrievers

As the gentleman's ultimate gundog, the Labrador retriever is one of the most versatile sporting dogs in the world.  Here we celebrate his hunting acumen with these gun and waterfowling terms.

Action - The type and style of how a weapon is loaded and spent cartridges are ejected.

Boomer -  The sound a shotgun makes.

Buckshot - Large pellet shotgun cartridges used for big game hunting.

Deke - Decoy

Drake - Male Duck

Flare - When waterfowl abruptly change direction due to a sense of danger.

Gauge - Measurement of shotgun barrels.


Pepper - Shotguns pepper their targets with buckshot.

Toller - The art of frolicking on the coastline to attract the attention of curious waterfowl.  Nova Scotia Duck Tollers are bred specially to excel in this art form.

Gun Dog Names From Big Game Hunters

Boone - Daniel Boone was a celebrated guide, hunter and tracker, helping to settle Kentucky.

Carson - William Kit Carson was a celebrated trapper, hunter and army scout.  So well respected was he, that his later life adventures were turned into comics and novellas and movies.

Cody - William Cody, aka Buffalo Bill, was a famous buffalo hunter, taking down over 4,200 buffalo in an 8 month period.  He joined the US Cavalry, and in 1872 won the Congressional Medal of Honor.

Ishi - The last surviving member of the Yahi tribe, he taught Saxton Pope and Art Young how to make archery tackle and bows and arrows.

Saxton - Saxton Pope and Art Young, under the guidance of Ishi, were given permission to hunt bears in Yellowstone Park with homemade bows and arrows.  Using their own homemade tackle, they were able to bag several full grown bears.  Pope went on the write one of the first and most influential books on archery, Hunting with the Bow and Arrow.

Scout - To search, hunt or look.

Teddy - Teddy Roosevelt, known as TR, was one of the most intelligent and successful American Presidents.  TR rolled back monopolies and created the National Park Service, preserving much of our American outdoor heritage.  Teddy was also, ironically a big game hunter.  His African Safari was watched with avid interest world wide.  Many of the specimens he shot were sent to the Smithsonian for display in their exhibits.

Trouper - A reliable, uncomplaining individual and a loyal dependable worker.

Labs at play By from Tiverton, UK
By from Tiverton, UK

Male Yellow Labrador Retriever Names From Weapons Manufacturers

Cabot - US maker of precision pistols and revolvers.

Glock - Gaston Glock's Vienna based handgun and weapons manufacturer, favored by many military and police departments.

Cobra - American maker of handguns based in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Colt - Founded in 1836 by Samuel Colt, the colt company makes rifles, machine guns and of course their famous revolvers.

Coonan - United States manufacturer of automatic handguns.

Henry - Henry Repeating Arms, maker of rifles.

Kimber - American maker of handguns and rifles.

Marlin - US manufacturer of shotguns and rifles.

Remington - One of the oldest American gun manufacturers, Remington started out making flintlock rifles.  Today they are one of the largest gun and ammunition manufacturers. Name your Lab Remington and you can call him Remy.

Ruger - The largest manufacturer of firearms in the United States, Ruger was founded by Charles Ruger in 1949.

Walther - Manufacturer of handguns and tactical rifles, as well as James Bond's favorite pistol, the Walther PPK.

Wesson - Born from the partnership of Horace Smith and Daniel Wesson, Smith and Wesson found success producing the rimfire .22 caliber revolver. Smith and Wesson is now the largest manufacturer of handguns in the United States. Name your dog Wesson, and you can call him Wes.

Winchester - Winchester Repeating Arms Manufacturing - it's how the West was won, with their lever action rifles!  You may think of Chuck Connors as The Rifleman, when you call your dog, Winchester.

Bonus Lab Name!

Endal - The most decorated dog in the world, Endal was a yellow Labrador retriever.  Among his many awards for service, Endal received the PSDA's Gold Medal for Animal Gallantry and Devotion to Service.

Endal the most decorated Labrador retriever and service dog
Endal, By Allenandendalat English Wikipedia

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