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45 Meaningful Female Chocolate Labrador Names

Female lab names
By Tony Hisgett, Birmingham UK

Five Fun Facts About Labs

The Labrador Retriever is America's favorite dog breed, but Americans are not alone in Lab loving. Considered the most popular breed in the world,  Labradors are the favorite breed of the UK, Israel, New Zealand, Australia and Canada.

Mayor of a California Town - Bosco, a Labrador retriever, was elected honorary mayor of Sunol, California in 1981.  He ran as a re-pup-lican, and beat two human candidates for the honor.  Bosco remained mayor for another 13 years, until his death in 1994.

Labs make the best Guide Dogs. In fact, approximately 70% of the American guide dogs are Labrador retrievers.

Labradors are one of the ten breeds with the best sense of smell.  They can sniff out cancers in early stages, that were previously undetectable.  Labs have been trained to sniff out various cancers through patients' breath, urine and stool samples. They are so highly accurate, that scientists are attempting to make a robotic dog nose based on the olfactory design of the labs's remarkable nose.

In the UK, no Lab can become a show champion without a working certificate.  This ensures that the breed will continue to excel at the work they were bred to do, both as a gundog and as a water dog.

Chocolate Labrador named Hershey
By Rob Hansen

Sweet names for Female Chocolate Labs

Cailler - Swiss chocolatier that has been making luxury chocolates for over 200 years.

Cocoa - The essential ingredient in milk and dark chocolate.

Cola - As in Pepsi or Coca-Cola.

Dove - Dark chocolate candies and ice cream bars.

Godiva - The most famous of all luxury chocolate brands, named for Lady Godiva, who rode through the streets of Coventry, covered only by her long tresses, in protest of oppressive taxation.

Guylian - Luxurious Belgian chocolate company.

Hershey - Pennsylvania chocolate company, maker of the Hershey Kiss among other tasty chocolate bars.

Kitkat - Chocolate covered, peanut butter crunch.

Mocha - Chocolate coffee latte.

Nestle - Swiss chocolate maker and multi-national conglomerate.

Neuhaus - Luxury Belgian chocolate.

Pepper - As in Dr.Pepper.

Pepsi - Brown flat cola, inferior to Coca-Cola.

Ruth - The Baby Ruth bar is named in honor of Babe Ruth.

Skor - Chocolate toffee bar.

Soda - Cola and George Kastanza's second favorite name for his unborn kids.

Snickers - Tasty peanut and nugget chocolate bar, also to have a little underhanded laugh.

Swiss Miss - Hot chocolate brand name.  Name your lab Swiss Miss, and you can call her Missy.

Teuscher - Swiss chocolatier producing chocolate bars, pralines and truffles.

Tiramisu - Italian cake made with coffee liqueur.

Truffles - Dark, rich creamy candies; the height of confectionery  decadence.

Wrapper - As in candy wrapper.

Female gundog Labrador retriever
By Blaine Hansel, Flickr

Female Lab Names that Celebrate the Water Dog in All Retrievers

Bali - A breed of duck.

Drift - To glide gently or a current in the water.

Flare - When a flock of birds abruptly changes direction.

Ripple - A disturbance in the water surface, or a fortified wine frequently enjoyed on Sanford and Son.

Rouen - Brown duck with a claret breast.

Skater - One who glides by without much effort.



Tactic - Water fowling trickery by use of calls and decoys.

Teal - a breed of duck


More Shades of Brown Names for Chocolate Dogs

Anise - Star anise is a star shaped pod that contains licorice tasting seeds.

Autumn - Shades of brown leaves.

Beyonce - Dream Girl and Foxy Cleopatra - need we say more?

Brandy -  A strong distilled spirit with a dark amber color; also the name of an American recording artist.

Cinnamon - Siagon cinnamon is a rich brown spice associated with good health.

Curry - An Indian spice that varies in color from mustard to brown.

Henna - A flowering plant used to make dyes for hair and temporary tattoos.

Kahlua - A dark rum and coffee liqueur.

Coffy - A dark brown liquid and 1970s female vigilante film character.

Penny - Oxidized copper has a dark brown to bronze tone.

Sazerac - A rye based cocktail.

Sienna - A shade lighter than raw umber, it is a rich brown.

Tawny - Orange brown.

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