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50 Unexpected Name Ideas for Your Unique Black Lab Girl

By paulshannon
20 Shades of Black - Female Dog Names


Names for Female Black Labs from Fashion Icons - The Little Black Dress

Orange may be the new black, but black is always stylish, sophisticated, slimming and chic. These fashion icons elevated black accessories to new heights from the little black Prada bag to the little black dress. If you want to celebrate your lab's feminine allure, you're sure to find a stylish name for your black Labrador girl from any one of these great fashion houses.

Names for Female Labs from Fashion icons
Givenchy's LBD defined an era.
Chanel - "Coco" Chanel transformed the black dress from a mourning must have to the essential element of the modern woman's wardrobe.  Like Henry Ford's model T, Channel's little black dress was to be afforded by women of all walks of life. It could be dressed down by day and accessorized to the hilt for evening. Chanel brought black out of the back of the closet and onto center stage.

Dior - Post 1950s introduced Christian Dior's version of the little black dress. Clean lines with a full skirt and a waspish waist would rule the fashion runway for the coming decade.

Givenchy - Hubert de Givenchy founded the house of Givenchy in 1952.  A mere 9 years later he designed a black dress for his friend, Audrey Hepburn, to wear in Blake Edward's romantic comedy, Breakfast at Tiffany's. The dress was a resounding success, defining the character of Holly Golightly from the first scene forward.  The Italian black satin dress, with matching opera gloves, defined an era in fashion, with the must have little black sheath dress. Name your girl Audrey if you prefer to honor the inspiration for the little black sheath dress.

Patou - Better known these days for their signature perfumes, Joy and 1000, Jean Patou enjoys co-credit with Coco Chanel for the invention of the little black dress.  Patou invented active wear for ladies as well as the modern necktie for gentleman.  The Frenchman designed the first sleeveless short tennis dress, and forwarded fashion that was natural and comfortable.  Name your girl Patou if you want a natural and comfortable relationship with your black lab!

Prada - Originally and Italian luggage maker, the House of Prada exploded in the late 1970s, when Miuccia Prada introduced a line of backpacks and totes made from a black military spec nylon. These subtle bags did not announce their brand with flashy patterns endlessly repeating their the company logo, rather these totes exhibited fine craftsmanship with an off-hand, shabby-chic touch of luxury. Name your black Lab Prada if you prize well crafted, yet luxuriously practical purebred dog.

Mistresses of the Dark

Drussila - Crazy, off-the-wall female vampire of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Elvira - The campy, late night horror movie host and original mistress of the dark.

Lilith - Female vampire of Bordello of Blood.

Morticia - Mother of the Addams Family.

Regine - Classy Euro-Vampire from Fright Night 2.

Selene - Fierce, loyal and protective vampire of Underworld.

By Sini Merikallio       

Names for Female Black Labs from Mythology

Aura - Greek and Roman goddess of the gently morning winds. Legend has it that this ethereal deity was able to disappear into this air.

Chaos - Primordial Greek God that predates the Titans and Olympians. Chaos was the first thing that existed, before anything else in the universe.  Born of Chaos were Nyx, goddess of night; Erebus god of darkness; Gaea, Earth; Tartarus, the underworld; and Eros, love. Name your lab puppy Chaos, and in time together you will find order and love.

Erebus - Greek primordial god of darkness.

Hebe - Cup bearer to the gods, she served them ambrosia and other sweet nectars.  A daughter of Zeus and Hera, she herself was the goddess of youth and able to restore youth to those who requested it.  Name your girl Hebe if you seek a companion that will keep you young at heart and in health.

Heka - Egyptian god of magic and all things supernatural.  He is the patron of wizards and physicians.

Isis - Egyptian goddess of peace, love magic, motherhood and children. Worship of her was so popular that it spread the the Greek mythology tradition as well.  Isis was the name of the first Downton Abbey female Labrador retriever. 

Nike - Winged goddess of victory. She flies over battlefields as the divine charioteer bestowing glory on the victorious.

Nyx - Beautiful primordial goddess of night, she is only glimpsed in shadows and on the periphery of night.  Even Zeus stood in awe of the great beauty and power of the primordial goddess Nyx.

Styx - Titan goddess of the river Styx, which divides the world of the living from the underworld. She fought on the side of the Olympians in their war against the Titans. To honor her, Zeus made her name part of the binding oath on which the gods swore.

Themes - Titan goddess of moral and natural order.  Justice is synonymous with Themes.  As the second wife of Zeus, their marriage cemented his role as king of the Olympian gods.  Name your puppy Themes of you are seeking an obedient well mannered dog.

Black Magic Names for Female Black Labs

Bokor - Voodoo high priest or priestess.

Juju - A magical talisman.

Jynx - a spell cast to bring about a negative outcome.

Mambo -  Female Bokor, high priestess of voodoo. Black mambo is a venomous snake, and the code name for Beatrix Kiddo's character in Kill Bill.

Vamp -  Female vampire and a burlesque routine.

Voodoo - A cult religion practiced in the Southern USA and Caribbean, based on a blending of African and Catholic traditions.

Wicca - Pagan religion that celebrates the forces of nature, and calls upon the forces of the four directions to assist in the magic.

Zemi - A good luck charm.

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