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80 Clever Names for Golden Retrievers

Consistently one of the most popular breeds in the United States, the Golden Retriever has ranked third among America's favorite dog breeds, for the last three years running. Their gentle natures and strong desire to please make this breed an ideal family companion. Highly intelligent, their eager and alert temperaments make them excellent hunting companions as well as competitive obedience, agility and rally dogs.

These same traits, combined with their super olfactory senses, also make them one of the most valuable search and rescue, service and therapy dog breeds. With this great heritage in mind, your golden retriever is deserving of a unique and noble name.

Golden Retriever dog names
Golden Retrievers are joyful and enthusiastic hunting dogs.

Uncommon Names for Golden Retriever Males By Coat 

The Golden Retriever's coat comes in a variety of rich golden tones.  While their coats may be a very pale shade of gold, they may not be white or have white patches.  In young puppies, the coat is frequently very pale, however over time the coat may mature to a deep golden tone.  Clues to which shade your dog will sport at maturity can be found on the tips of the puppy's ears. Ears that are darker than the coat on the body of the puppy indicate that the dog will have a deeper gold color as an adult.

Golden retriever puppy names
Note the darker shade of gold on the ears, this puppy will have a medium golden tone when mature. Photo By Beatrice Milek

Golden Retriever Names For Male Dogs with Pale or Cream Coats

In keeping with their sunny dispositions, these names from beaches and deserts make meaningful and unexpected names for your light-coated puppy. Consider naming your pup after your own favorite beach destination.

Bahama - The site of Columbus' first landing in 1492 and a favorite destination of the Beach Boys.
Baja - Baja, California form a coastal desert in part of the Great Basin Desert of North America.
Brighton - Brighton Beach, part of the Brooklyn Borough of New York City and the Coney Peninsula, is also home to Neil Simmons comedy Brighton beach Memoirs.  
Destin -  The Redneck Rivera, Destin is famed for its fine white sands and long beaches.
Gobi - The Gobi desert covers large parts of China and Mongolia and is growing at a rate of 1400 square miles per year. Name your dog Gobi if you are hoping for a big dog.
Hilton - Hilton Head is a popular vacation destination with dog friendly beaches.
Jersey - The Jersey Shore is home to magnificent beaches and the casino town Atlanta City.
Kalahari - The Kalahari located in Southern Africa is home to the film series The Gods Must Be Crazy and the TV series, Meerkat Manor.
Malibu - Synonymous with movie stars, entertainment moguls and surfer dudes, this 27 mile stretch of Coastline West of L.A. invokes images of the quintessential California hipster.
Zuma - Part of the Malibu Beaches, Zuma is the top surfing destination.

Golden Retriever Hunting Dog Names
By Dirk Vorderstraße 

Names for Females with Pale or Cream Colored Coat From Sandy Locations


Names for Males with Deep Golden Coats


Sheridan - Mount Sheridan, also know and Red Mountain, is located in Yellowstone Park.

Names for Female Golden Retrievers with Deep Golden Coats

Honey or Honi 

Golden Retriever water retrieval
Mauser at the German language Wikipedia

Male Hunting Dog and Gun Dog Names

The ideal Golden Retriever as a sporting dog and gun dog, leaps into the water enthusiastically to quickly and gently return with the hunters prey. The five traits in the ideal Golden Retriever as a hunting dog include, retrieving instinct, birdiness, an excellent sense of smell and marking ability and trainability. With these traits in place, the Golden will find, flush and retrieve fowl to your hearts content.

Buck or Buckshot - The shotgun shells metallic shot.
Clay - The clay pigeon used for practice during target practice. Also the color of a dark golden retriever.
Coach - The coach gun is similar to a sawed-off shotgun, and is used in close quarters and marshlands where a full shotgun might be unwieldy.
Deke - Waterfowlers lingo for a decoy. 
Drake - A male duck.
Riot - Riot gun is another name for a shotgun.
Skeet - Shotgun sport and Olympic event. 
Snap - A snappy dog is one that moves quickly a field; synonymous with Flash.
Spur - Male pheasants have sharp claws on the backs of their legs called spurs.
Trapper - Trap shooting is another Olympic sport.

uncommon names for golden retrievers

Female Hunting Dog and Gun Dog Names

Birdy - A dogs level of excitement over birds is its birdiness. 
Flare - When ducks or geese suddenly turn away after sensing danger. 
Flash - A dog that exceeds expectations and looks good doing it. Stylishness. 
Gyp - A female gun dog of breeding age.  Brood bitch.

Female Names That Mean Gold or Golden

    Aurea  Auriel   Aranka  Hemadri

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