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99 Names for Female Border Collies | Scottish, Irish and Welsh Dog Names

Dog names from Scottish Celtic and Irish lore

The superstar of the herding group, the border collie is keenly alert to every opportunity, at work and at play. Their intense expression is an extension of their ability to move and work stock by using their "eye." A natural gathering dog, the border collie assumes a predatory stance, the signature crouch, and stares down the stock. She is then able to guide the stock from one pasture to another or round them up, and shed individual sheep for shearing or vaccinations.

These energetic dogs need exercise and a job to do.  However, that job may be something as simple as a bone or chew toy. They are very people oriented, and like to check-in with their people whether they are hard at work or play. The are sensitive dogs that respond quickly to praise or light scolding. Too heavy of a hand or voice can easily crush their spirit.

Traditional Border Collie Names for Females

Scanning the International Sheepdog Society's (ISDS) database of over 300,000 entries in the studbook, we discovered some of the most popular names on their registry. Started in 1906 in the Scottish Borders as a trialing organization, the IDSD promotes sheepdog handler training as well as genetic health initiatives to eradicate CEA and PRA.

Typically these call names are enhanced by the addition of  the breeders last name or kennel name, such as "Meg" of Killiebrae. Here are twenty of the most popular traditional border collie names for girls.











Lass or Lassie


Meg – The single most popular names in the ISDS Registry, with 13789 entries!

Mist or Myst


Nell – Second most popular female border collie name on the ISDS Registry.







border collie herding names

Unique Names for Border Collie Girls

Border collie females are intensely devoted companions.  Intuitive and possessing a strong desire to please, these girls are always on the lookout for an opportunity to work or play with their masters. These call names celebrate their quirky sense of humor, speed and grace, as well as the subtle genius of the border collie. 


Scottish Names For Border Collie Girls

The border collie was developed in the border regions between Scotland and England.  The following Scottish Gaelic names are descended from Middle Irish and, like Modern Irish, have their roots in Old Irish. 

Bonnie - Fine


Davina - Beloved.

Donella – Ruler of the world.

Fergie - Vigorous.

Fiona - Fair one and Princess in the Shrek series.

Freya - Norse Goddess.

Greer – Cautious person.


Isobel – The Promise of God.

Laire - Mare, makes a good name for a strapping, big girl.


Maidi - Young woman.



Moira - Star of the sea.



Shug – Intelligent.


Sorcha - Radiant.

Border collies at 8 weeks old

Irish Names For Border Collie Females

Aine - Pronounced AWN-ya, Aine is an ancient Irish fairy queen. Her name means praise and joy.

Aisling - One of the most popular names in Ireland, Aisling means dream or vision. Name your girl Aisling if you have big dreams for her success in sports or therapy work.

Alannah - Means rock or handsome.

Bevin - Irish form of Beverly, meaning one who dwells by the beaver creek.

Bree - Higher power.

Breena - Means "of the fairy place."

Brigid - Strength or exalted one.

Bridie - Derived from Bridget, it means the high one or strength.

Cailin - Lass or girl.

Cara - Friend.

Carrigan - Translates as pointed.

Clare - Bright or clear.

Colleen - Little girl.

Cordelia - Means daughter of the sea.

Delaney - Means "offspring of the challenger."

Eileen - Bright, shiny one.

Fallon - The leader’s daughter.

Fiadh - Wild!

Fiona - Means fair, white or clear. 

Flannery – Brave.

Keeva or Keavy - Pretty and gentle.

Killian - Little Kelly and a tasty red Irish beer, this makes a great name for a chocolate border collie.

Kira -  Little dark girl.

Logan - A Surname that means "little hollow."

Makenzie - Means fair one and handsome.

Madigan - Means little dog in Gaelic!

Maeve - Ancient Irish Queen whose name means "she who intoxicates."

Megan - Translates from Gaelic as pearl.

Mirren - Derived from the Sixth Century Irish Saint Mirin.

Moira - Gaelic version of Mary.

Molly - Means bitter.

Nessa - Name of the mother of an ancient Irish king, Nessa means "not gentle."

Neve – Dazzling.

Nora or Norah – Honor.

Orla - Golden Princess, a nice name for a red border collie.

Regan or Reagan - Little king.

Rian – Little Ruler.

Rowan - Little Redhead.

Sinead - Pronounced Shin -AID. It means "God's gracious gift" in Gaelic.

Sloane – Raider or warrior.

Tamsin - Means "twin" in Gaelic.

sheepdog names

Welsh Names for Border Collie Girls

Carwyn – Pure love.

Deri – Oak tree, strong.

Emlyn - Means industrious, a good name for a hard working border collie.

Gaynor – Lady of white magic.

Gladys – Lady of the land.

Glinda – Pure goodness. Also the name of the good witch in The Wizard of Oz.

Glennis – clean and holy woman.

Gwynn – A fair or blessed person.

Kendra – Supreme champion.

Megan – Pearl or pure.

Meredith – Ruler of the battle.

Morgan – Traveling the sea. A great name for an imported dog.

Von – Little one.

Wyn - Fair.

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