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75 Unique Names for Irish Setter Males | Strong Celtic and Irish

Names for the Red Setter Dog
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Male Dog Names from Famous Irish Americans

Brady -  Tom Brady, aka Tom Terrific, of the New England Patriots is widely regarded as the best quarterback in the history of the NFL.  Proud of his Irish roots, Tom and his father travelled together to Ireland to visit the towns and villages that trace their Irish heritage.

Cagney - James Cagney began his career in Vaudeville, as a song-and-dance man.  His early career in Hollywood soon had him typecast as a gangster, after performances in films such as The Public Enemy (where he grinds a grapefruit into his co-stars face at the breakfast table) and White Heat. While he never actually said, "You dirty rat, you," any impersonator of Cagney was bound to add that line to punctuate his sentences.  Cagney won Best Actor in 1942 for his portrayal of another Irish song-and-dance man, George M. Cohan, in the film Yankee Doodle Dandy.

Clooney - Singer and actress, Rosemary Clooney, identified herself as an Irish American artist.  Her nephew, George Clooney, carries on the family entertainment tradition having earned two oscars, one for acting and the other for producing. The name Clooney means an intriguing rogue.

Cohan - George M. Cohan was a producer, playwright, actor, composer, singer and dancer, once known as the "Man Who Owned Broadway." Immortalized in the biopic musical film, Yankee Doodle Dandy, portrayed by James Cagney, Cohan received the Congressional Gold Medal for his achievements in bolstering World War I morale, which presented to him by Franklin Roosevelt.

Cohan wrote and performed patriotic songs in support of World War I troops, such as Over There and Yankee Doodle Boy. An early pioneer of the book musical, Cohan used song and dance to advance the action of the storyline. Cohan often had productions playing simultaneously in five theatres; some of his great musicals include Going Up and Give My Regards To Broadway.

Conan - Conan O'Brian, comedian and late night talk show host, with characteristic Irish red hair.

Dempsey - Jack Dempsey, The Manassa Mauler, reigned as the heavyweight boxing champion from 1919 to 1926.  Dempsey was a cultural icon of the 1920s for his aggressive boxing style and extraordinary punching power. Dempsey's cultural heritage was an interesting mix of Irish, Cherokee and Jewish backgrounds.

Fitz or Fitzy - Francis Scott Fitzgerald was one of America's greatest authors of the Twentieth Century. His novels, The Great Gatsby, This Side of Paradise, The Beautiful and Damned and Tender Is The Night, helped define an era of artistic expression known as the Lost Generation.

The name FitzGerald harks back to the Lords of Offaly and The Earls of Kildare. Fitz means "son of" in Gaelic.

Ford - Henry Ford, the father of the Model-T, ushered in the era of assembly line manufacturing.  His father and grandfather immigrated from County Cork, Ireland, in search of a better future for themselves and their descendents. The certainly found it, as Henry Ford became on of the most influential Americans of the Twentieth Century. Against popular theory, Ford believed in paying his employees better than the average wage, so that they too could afford one of the vehicles they helped to manufacture.

Kennedy - The Kennedy clan hails from the marriage of two great Irish families, the Kennedys and Fitzgerald's of Boston.

Liam - Liam Neeson, born in Northern Ireland, became a US citizen in 2009.  His acting credits include starring roles in diverse films such as, Schindler's List, Les Miserables, Batman Begins, Clash of the Titans and Star Wars - The Phantom Menace.

Names that Embrace the Irish Setter's Exuberant Personalities

Irish dog names for the irish setter
Photo by Margus Palu
Breeze or Breezy
Craft or Crafty
Trap or Trapper

Famous Irish Setter Names from History and Fiction

King Timahoe - Richard Nixon's 56th birthday present, an Irish Setter gifted to him by his White House staff.

Kojak - A fictional character in Steven King's The Stand.

Mike - President Harry Truman's Irish Setter.

Milord - Favorite dog of Czar Alexander, II an Irish Red Setter.

Seamus - Mitt Romney's Irish Setter.

Rooney - In Gaelic, Rooney means red hair.

Irish Dog Names
By Adam Ziaja 

Irish Names for Male Red Setters

Brody - Irish for one who comes from the muddy place.  A great name for a birdy dog working in swampy areas.

Colin - Means uproar and tumult

Conall -  Means Powerful Wolf.

Conor - Name of the high king Conaire Mor from Irish legend.

Cormac - Named for the ancient High King, Cormac Mac Airt, who whose forty year rule was marked by fairness and justice.  Also spelled Cormack and Cormick.

Culkin - A well read man.

Dillan - Means a "flash or light" as well as faithful and loyal.

Fergus - High energy and a man of strength and virile.

Finnian - Light or fair.

Guinness - The most famous Irish Ale.

Hugh - Means fire

Kelly - Intelligent and bright.

Leary - Keeper of calves.

Liam - Means Strong willed.

Malachi - Strong angel and messenger from God.

Mannix - Monk

Morrow - A surname from Gaelic origins, that is Irish, Scottish and Scotch-Irish. It is a variant of Murphy, and means "sea battle or sea warrior."

Murphy - The most common surname in Ireland. It is derived from "sea warrior."

Pearse - Honors Patrick Pearse who helped earn Ireland independence in 1916. Also spelled Pierce and Piers.

Quinn - Wise and reasonable.

Redmond - Means counsellor and protector.

Reagan - Means Little Ruler.

Sean - Irish form of John, meaning "God's most gracious gift."

Turlach - Means one who assists and aids. A great name for a hunting companion.

Male Dog Names for Irish Dogs
Photo Credit Marcus Palu

Male Red Dog Names

Blaze - Speed and glowing red fire.

Carmine - A shade of red and burly tap dancer on Laverne and Shirley.


Copper - Red mineral or a police officer.

Ember -  A glowing red coal.

Heat - a play on the word copper.

Popo - Another play on the word copper

Russet or Rusty

Titian - A shade of red and famous Renaissance painter.

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