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250 Best Names for Dogs With White Fur

names for dogs with fluffy white fur.

Find unique names for male and female white dogs of all breeds, shapes, and sizes.  These name ideas evoke images of ghostly spectors, luminous stars, tasty treats polar peaks as well as the pristine sands of exotic beaches and deadly deserts. Enjoy these name ideas and inspirations sorted for giant white breeds, toy breeds and everyone in between. Feel free to add your white dog name ideas in the comments section below!

Best Male Names for White Dogs

Betelgeuse: Supernova star of the Orion constellation.

Biscuit: This fluffy bread makes a great name for a light yellow lab.

Casper: The friendly ghost.

Cotton: Cotton makes a great name for a fluffy small dog, such as the American Eskimo Dog.

De Beers – International diamond brokers and hoarders.

Destin: Snow white sands of the Florida Panhandle, the redneck Riviera.

Flake: Snowflake.

Frosty:  Snowman and tasty freeze drink.

Ghost: Ethereal white.

Glacier: Massive ice formation that glides across continents at a glacial pace.

Hilton: White beach of Hilton Head

Heron: Long legged white bird seen near water’s edge.

Jeckyl: Famous East Coast island.

Nimbus: The white aura or halo often depicted above the holy.

Phantom: Ghost or figment of the imagination.

Polar: Frozen tundra at the top and bottom of the world, as well as the great white bear.

Regulus: Part of Scorpio constellation and one of the Stars of Persia.

Rigel: Brightest star in the Orion constellation and seventh brightest star in the heavens.

Sirius: Dog star.

Specter: Ghostly image.

Sterling: The highest quality of silver, also the British currency, the pound sterling.

Tusk: Ivory White


Best Female Names for Dogs with White Fur

Names for girls with fluffy white jackets as well as close fitted coats of all sizes.

Bacardi: White rum from Puerto Rico.

Banshee - Female ghost found of shrieking in the night.  Name your girl Banshee if she likes to bark in the evenings. 

Blanche - White in French or to whiten.

Blondie: Wife of Dagwood.

Bridie: Irish name.

Brie – Creamy French cheese with a bloomy rind.

Bubbles: White foam.

Buffy: Shade of white and vampire slayer.

Celeste: Moon goddess.

Chablis – Dry white wine.

Crystal – Often clear or somewhat milky, crystals bring energy to the wearer.

Dazzle – To shine or overwhelm the senses.

Downy – Soft white down makes to most luxurious pillows. Name your girl downy if she has a soft, fluffy, double coat.

Glimmer – A tiny flash of light. Perfect for small white girls.

Gloss – Shiny and reflective.

Halo – A white aura that appears over the heads of the divine and saintly.

Hiver: French word for "winter."

Glace: French meaning "ice."

Greyton: Snow white beach on Florida Panhandle.

Ibis – The slender white bird often seen in marshes and lakeside.

Icey – Ice is slang for diamonds as well as frozen liquids. Name your girl Icey if you treasure her like a fine jewel.

Ivory: Shade of white.

Jadis – White witch in The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe.

January – Snowy winter month, and actress who played  Don Draper’s wife on Mad Men.

Jasmine – A delicate white rice.

Lacey: Lace white is an antiqued shade of white.

Lily: Shade of white.

Luna: Moon goddess.

Sahara: Desert

Squeaky – As in squeaky clean.

Star: Celestial body.

Stella: Short for steller. 

Truffles – White truffles are considered the diamonds of the kitchen.

Latte – It is the white frothy, steamed milk that separates coffee from latte.

Maui – Snow white sands of Hawaii. Name your girl Maui if you want her to have a sunny disposition.

Miami: Snow white Beach.

Myst – Moist droplets lighter than fog.

Onion: Brings tears to your eyes.

Opal: The opal enhances traits and increases self-esteem, self-worth and confidence.

Pearl: The jewel of the sea, pearls are associated with faithfulness, friendship and loyalty.  Pearl is an ideal female name for you canine companion.

Rosemary: Elite beach in the Redneck Riviera.

Stoli: Elite vodka.

Svedka: Vodka, white liquor.

Taffy: A sweet confection made by pulling boiled sugar and butter until it is aerated.

Topaz: Semi precious stone.

Vega: Part of the Lyra constellation.


Best Names for Male and Female White Puppies

If you like choosing unique pet names, these meaningful names for white dogs are befitting for male and females alike.  The non-gender specific names come to us from white deserts, beaches and the heavens.

  • Badar: Arabic, means "full moon."
  • Bai:  Chinese translation of "white." 
  • Beryl: A type of crystal that is often white, beryl encourages honesty and freedom from confrontation. 
  • Chimera: Fantasy or illusion, related to ghostly.
  • Cloud 
  • Dall: The Dall sheep is a large white artic ram found in the Yukon and Alaska.
  • Drift: Snow Drift a mound of snow.
  • Dubrovnik: Croatian “White City,” Dubrovnik is constructed of white stone and marble.
  • Faden:  Faden quartz symbolizes “the silver cord that connects the soul to the physical self, a connection between two individuals or connection to a higher consciousness.”
  • Farafra: White Egyptian desert.
  • Flash: Bright light.
  • Gobi: Desert.
  • Mojave: Desert.
  • Noodles – A cute name for a silly puppy.
  • Polaris: Star visible in the evening sky.
  • Rime: Frosted or glazed over with ice. It is pronounced “rahym.”
  • Rub' Al Khali: Largest white sands desert in the world.
  • Santorini: Coastal Greek village of all snow white buildings with cobalt blue domes, doors and shutters.
  • Shiro: Japanese translation of white.
  • Shoji: A Japanese style of architecture whose signature is partitions made of white rice paper walls.
  • Spirit: Paranormal being.
  • Tabernas: Spanish desert.
  • Trim – Clean and tidy.
  • Vanilla – Call your puppy vanilla in honor of the plain white ice cream or rapper Vanilla Ice.

Unique Polar Names for Large White Dogs

These noble, snow-covered ski slopes and mountain peaks are among the highest mountaintops in the world, and are befitting names for large white dogs such as the Pitbull, Great Pyrenees or the Great Dane. Other white giants of nature are included for your naming pleasure!
  • Alps
  • Arctic
  • Aspen: Rockies
  • Beluga: White whale
  • Blizzard
  • Crystal
  • Denali:  Alaska
  • Dolomite: Alps
  • Dover: English White Cliffs
  • Elbert: Alps
  • Eiger: Alps
  • Everest: Himalayas
  • Evion: Alps
  • Flake
  • Fuji: Japan southwest of Tokyo
  • Glacier
  • Gstadt: Alps
  • Hunter: Alaska
  • Harvard
  • Iciey
  • Igloo
  • Lincoln: Rockies
  • Jungfrau: Alps
  • Kamet
  • Kanin: Alps
  • Katahdin: Appalachians
  • Kermode: Known as the "spirit bear" this white bear that is a subspecies of the black bear.
  • Kimba: White lion cub
  • Kilimanjaro: Tanzania volcano
  • Kinabalu
  • Kinsman: Appalachians
  • Klondike: Canada
  • Lincoln: Rockies
  • Logan: Yukon
  • Makalu
  • Mauna Kea
  • Matterhorn: Alps
  • McKinley: Alaska
  • Nanda Devi
  • Nepal: Himalayan Nation
  • Niesen: Alps
  • Peca: Alps
  • Pike: Rockies
  • Polar: Giant white bear
  • Rainier: aka Tahoma, Rockies
  • Rhino
  • Russell: Alaska
  • Sherman: Rockies
  • Siachen: Himalayan Glacier
  • Silverthrone: Alaska
  • St. Elias: 
  • Stockhorn: Alps
  • Sultan: Rockies
  • Tibet: Himalayas
  • Vail: Rockies
  • Weisshorn: Alps
  • Wheeler: Rockies
  • Whistler: BC, Fitzsimmons
  • Whitney: Sierra Nevadas
  • Wildspitz: Alps
  • Yeti: Bigfoot of the mountains
  • Yukon: Canada's wild, mountainous territory.

Flower Inspired Names for Small White Female Dogs

These delicate flower names evoke ephemeral beauty, while white flowers symbolize innocence, humility and reverence.  Consider one of these names for your Poodle, Bichon Frise, West Highland Terrier or Maltese.

Camellia - This fragrant flower blooms when most other flowering plants are dormant. The camellia represents independence and unique beauty.

Daffodil - A gift of daffodils symbolizes friendship and good fortune. Daffy os the nickname for Daffodil.
Dahlia - This flower is associated with Victorian symbols of commitment and bonds that last forever. 

Daisy - Stands for clarity and beauty.

Datura - A trumpet shaped bloom that opens at dusk and closes at dawn.

Iris - The Greek goddess that represents the rainbow and the connection between heaven and earth.

Jasmine - Known for is lovely fragrance, jasmine symbolizes modesty elegance and grace.

Lily - Symbolizes purity and virginity.

Magnolia - Symbolizes purity and perfection. Noli is the nickname for Magnolia.

Orchid - Means purity, innocence and virtue. 

Rose - Stands for spirituality, purity hope and young love.

Shasta - The shasta daisy stands for love, purity and innocence.

Tulip - Symbolizes warmth and new beginnings.

Vinca - The Madagascar periwinkle, this little flower represents friendship and loyalty.

Delicious Names for Small White Dog Breeds

  • Amaranth
  • Bailey:
  • Barley
  • Basmati
  • Biscuit
  • Brie
  • Breyer
  • Butters
  • Coco
  • Farro
  • Hagen 
  • Ice
  • Macadamia
  • Marshmallow
  • Mathis
  • Muffin
  • Parsnip
  • Puff
  • Puffin
  • Quinoa
  • Rye
  • Sake
  • Spud
  • Sugar
  • Taffy
  • (Uncle) Ben
  • Vanilla
  • Waffles
  • York

Image Credit: Samoyeds 

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