150 Best Unique Names for Border Collies

Unique Chocolate border collie

Unique Names for Brilliant Border Collies

The smartest breed known to man, the border collie's intelligence is matched most closely by that of the Poodle. Bred purely for instinct and the desire to obey orders, these dogs are little geniuses at determining what their master wants and how best to achieve it for them.  

Schemers and stalkers by nature, they bend their stock and human companions equally to their will. These unique names honor the cunning talents of the preeminent performance dog. 
  • Dodger
  • Flair
  • Forte
  • Foxy
  • Journey
  • Keen
  • Knack
  • Maggie
  • Noble
  • Panda
  • Prism
  • Puzzle
  • Raven
  • Riddle
  • Rhyme
  • Rogue
  • Rook
  • Rune
  • Sage
  • Savvy
  • Shift
  • Shine
  • Skein
  • Skill
  • Slick
  • Spirit
  • Toby
  • Trek
  • Trixie
  • Twist
  • Wily
  • Wizard
  • Worthy
One SYllable Border Collie Names

Catchy Names for Border Collies "The Gathering Dog"

The border collie is one of only two true "gathering" breeds.  This means that the border collies likes to round up stock and bring them to their master.  You can see this behavior at home with a group of rowdy children or at the dog park with a gaggle of unruly dogs (which is why we don't encourage people to bring their border collies to dog parks - round-ups, with the wrong dog, could mean trouble).  

Border collie cover their stock in wide sweeping arcs around the livestock, causing them to flock together. These names invoke the spirit of the hard working, gathering dog, whose earnest desire is to keep the stock to his handler.
  • Bandit
  • Banker
  • Bizzy
  • Broker
  • Cache
  • Crave
  • Cruise
  • Dealer
  • Drifter
  • Epic
  • Flurry
  • Cohort
  • Crew
  • Gunner
  • Hitch
  • Keeper
  • Lyric
  • Merlin
  • Muster
  • Myth
  • Plot
  • Porter
  • Rap
  • Ruffles
  • Scout
  • Scheme
  • Shifty
  • Skater
  • Sketch
  • Spook
  • Stalker
  • Striker
  • Strut
  • Swagger
  • Sweep
  • Tactic
  • Tailor
  • Warden
  • Whisper
  • Willow
Agile border collie

Unique One Syllable Names for Border Collies

If you are planning on working your border collie in herding or agility, a single syllable name will make giving directions much easier.  

When choosing your dog's name, you will want to make sure that the call name you give your partner will not conflict with any of the commands you plan on using in your work or competition.  These unique one syllable names, for boys and girls, roll off the tongue easily, and will quickly catch your dog's attention.

  • Ace
  • Bree
  • Bolt
  • Chase
  • Chip
  • Dash
  • Dot
  • Flow
  • Jet
  • Jill
  • Rake
  • Rip
  • Rush
  • Sly
  • Skip
  • Snap
  • Lark
  • Lurk
  • Tess
  • Tide
  • Trip
  • Vibe
  • Whiz
  • Win
  • Wish

Classic One Syllable Names for Border Collies

The Border collie hails from the border region between Scotland and England.  Here the classic black and white dogs were bred for their ability to work independently, as well as to intuit their master's wishes accomplishing them at great distances. 

Classic herding names celebrate the breadth of the fields in which they work, as well as their lightening fast speeds.  These collie names come from the rolls of classic herding dog names, as well as those of movies star border collies. 

  • Ben
  • Cap
  • Chip
  • Fly
  • Hemp
  • Lad
  • Lass
  • Meg
  • Myst
  • Nell
  • Peg
  • Pip
  • Skye
  • Spot
  • Tom

Speedy Names For Agile Border Collies

Known for their speed, desire to please and intelligence, border collies are the preeminent agility competitors.  Reaching speeds of up to 30 miles per hour, they also excel at canine sports such as flyball, disc dog and FAST Cat.

However, when left unchecked or under utilized, the border collie can tend towards total destruction.  Choose your names carefully as they most certainly will become a self fulfilling prophecy! 

These catchy dog names celebrate the border collies speed and desire to achieve at all costs.
  • Bedlam
  • Flash
  • Fix
  • Grip
  • Hustle
  • Jazz
  • Jiffy
  • Jolt
  • Kaos
  • Party
  • Rev
  • Riot
  • Rush
  • Snap
  • Sprint
  • Spur
  • Storm
  • Stymie
  • Surge
  • Swoosh
  • Tack
  • Zipper
  • Zoom
  • Zephyr
  • Whisk
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