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Powerful German Shepherd Dog Names

Unique German Shepherd Dog Names Powerful Dog Names for Noble German Shepherd Dogs  If you are lucky enough to have acquired a GSD puppy or adult dog, no doubt you are seeking a majestic German Shepherd Dog name.  After all, German shepherd puppies are the second most popular breed in the United States, and deservedly so. Highly intelligent and fiercely loyal, these noble dogs are loving family pets and unparalleled protectors.  As a breed, they excel at herding, agility, as well as obedience, not to mention they make excellent schutzhund (a German word meaning "dog for protection") guardian dogs. Police departments, drug enforcement agencies, and military services the world over rely on the versatility and biddability of the German shepherd to protect facilities and sniff out bombs as well as contraband.  These puppy names have been chosen from German history to celebrate this breed's heritage as kings of the herding group, and as the ultimate guard dog and family friend