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Which is the Best Doggy Boat Ladder? Paws Aboard or Pawz Pet Products?

The Paws Aboard Doggy Boat Ladder has been the gold standard for dog water safety when boating on lakes and other large bodies of water.  Now a newcomer has arrived, Pawz Pet Products Doggy Boat Ladder. We wanted to know, what's the difference and which is better? The Paws Aboard Doggy Boat Ladder in Action  Starting at $184.00 We checked with several distributors and the manufacturers of both products.  It appears that the owners of Paws Aboard decided to go their separate ways.  As a result, both owners enjoyed the intellectual property rights to the Paws Aboard boat ladder patent. This spawned a new company, Pawz Pet Products, producing exactly the same product, possibly even being produced at the same factory.  The only difference right now is the lettering on the side of the ladder. The Pawz Pet Products Doggy Boat Ladder at Work. As you can see they attach in exactly the same manner and look almost alike, right down the dog modeling its ease of use an