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80 Fluffy Dog Breeds | The Comprehensive AKC Double Coated Dog Breed List

Samoyeds - Dogs of the Spitz Family Looking for a fluffy dog? Then look no further! The double coated dog breeds are your ticket to puff and fluff in all shapes, sizes and temperaments.  The double coat is represented in every dog group from working and herding to toy, hounds, sporting and non-sporting dogs, and they have some major fur-factor going on. For example, looking for a small, white fluffy dog – choose from the West Highland White Terrier, Bichon Frise or American Eskimo Dog.   Needing a big fluffy white dog; try the Samoyed or the Great Pyrenees just to name a few of your options. What is a Double Coat? Double coats are comprised of long, guard hairs that define the dog’s appearance, which are supported by short, dense woolly hairs (the undercoat) below the surface of the guard hairs.  The denser the undercoat, the fluffier the dog appears. The protective guard hairs of the coat are designed to repel moisture and shed dirt.  The undercoat acts to insulate