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125 of the Best Classic Dog Names of All Time

Dogs and mankind hooked up approximately 15,000 years ago.  Over the ages, certain names have stood the test of time.  These one hundred and fifty dog names have been memorialized in comics, literature, film as well as our national consciousness. Many of these names are unisex, referring to markings or beneficial attributes. Classic Dog Names From Literature and Music Argos:  Faithful dog of Odysseus Blue:  William Faulkner's Sound and the Fury.  Buck: Call  of the Wild's central character, Buck is a sled dog in the Klondike . Cujo: Stephen King's title character, Cujo, once a beloved family dog, turns into a rabid killer thanks to a bat bite. Fang - Hagrid's dog in Harry Potter, as well as White Fang by Jack London. Jip - David Copperfield's wife's dog and one of Dr. Dolittle's animal companions. Lassie - Title character of Lassie Come Home . Nipper - The dog listening to the gramophone with the quote, "His master's voice." Sasha